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Discover an identity for your business

Why is Branding Important?

Remember the first time you saw a logo and instantly became captivated by it? You didn’t understand why it just was. Be it the bright pink Barbie doll or the peace flowing sign that is Pepsi’s organic river of joy.

It just happens.

Social Snowball knows the psychology behind the logo design. We utilize nearly a century of experience to shape something you’ll not only love in your brand, but you’ll become obsessed with it!

Color Psychology

Why do companies choose the colors they do? Is personal preference more important than something that will generate sales?

Brand Analysis

What’s your vision? What’s that worth in Google? Is your SEO value golden, or does it belong in a pasture somewhere? We’re boldly honest because we have to be! No suckups here and the data shows it!

Here’s our process:

We start off looking at your starting brand vision.  From there, we analyze a variety of factors, including its valued SEO and strategic mapping for its future. 

From there, we jump into logo design processing, diving into color psychology to shape the brand.  We deliver a rough concept to engage that we are on the right track.  Finally, we take it to our staff artists who present you with a final, original concept.

All rights are reserves fall to the client, including trademarks. 

Final deliveries include JPEG, PNG, PDF and AI files.

What are you waiting for?