Project Description

Nearly New Resale was founded in 2009 by Mrs. Noonan, founder of the private Catholic school, Noonan Acadamy in Mokena, IL.  The Resale Shop’s mission is to fund tuition for underprivileged students attending Noonan Acadamy.  

When Noonan Acadamy approached Social Snowball, they were looking to add character to their brand, combining their faith and the repurposed aspects of their business.  Along with a better understanding of their mission statement for their customer base, assistance in developing their social channels, SEO and a new brand identity to rally behind. 

The shop relaunched with its new mission statement, “Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today!” in May 2018.   Since then, Nearly New has ranked #1 in Google for its own name, along with long phrase keywords like “Thrift Stores in Frankfort” beating out the immediate corporate run competition in its local area…twice.