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Manhattan Park District

Manhattan Park District

Manhattan, IL

Manhattan Park District is a public parks and recreation organization located in Manhattan, Illinois. 

They work with their community to offer a variety of recreational opportunities for a variety of ages and abilities.  The Manhattan Park District works to give back to the community by enriching lives and improving the quality of their town’s recreational, entertainment and fitness needs. 

By working with Social Snowball, Manhattan Park District opened itself up to a facelift to head into 2020 at the speed of today’s web design services and expectations.  By developing a system focused on their preferred CMS tool of choice, Manhattan Park District is now set to take on an effortless publication that goes in front of its users immediately. 

With a responsive, energetic feel and specialty designed flipping book system, Manhattan Park District can distribute program guides immediately to users throughout their community, cutting down on printing costs and having information always provided.

Manhattan Park District took its customization a step further by incorporating a specially designed interactive park map, allowing users and new residents’ insight into what surrounds them in their community.